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Nick Percat Pic 1CAMS is pleased to announce that V8 Supercar driver Nick Percat has joined with CAMS to educate youth about the dangers of illicit drugs.

Nick has signed on as a CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport (IDiS) Program Role Model as a result his passion in helping young people in motor sport to say no to illicit drugs.

Nick has gained the respect of his peers through his on-track racing abilities, through his focus, effort, hard work, and having experienced success as a Formula Ford Champion (2009). Nick has demonstrated what is possible in both motor sport and life, with hard work, determination, and a strong ‘anti-drugs’ ethos.

These qualities and more are what CAMS hope will present a positive image and a great example to young people of the sport.

On becoming a CAMS Role Model, Nick praised the ideals of the IDiS program.

“I am excited to be a part of the IDiS Program as I am strongly anti-drugs, and it (the program) has a positive focus on helping the sport and people who suffer from illicit drug use,” Nick said.

“Being in the target age group myself I know the dangers of peer pressure at this age and I hope that acting as a Role Model will provide a positive image to people of my age group,” continued Nick.

The signing of Nick as the first Role Model for the Illicit Drugs in Sport (IDiS) Program is the first of several appointments of role models from within motor sport, as more and more of the motor sport community voices the message with CAMS “Achieve in Sport: Don’t let Drugs Destroy your Future”.

For more information on the CAMS IDiS Program please contact the Project Coordinator, Shawn Graetz, via email [email protected] or phone 1300 883 959.

The CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport Program is a fully-funded initiative of the Australian Government