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The CAMS Board recognises the financial environment operating across the sport and continues to pursue cost efficiencies in order to make the sport as cost effective as possible. Club level motor sport has again been the focus of the CAMS Board in its review of fees for 2012.

The 2012 CAMS budget includes the following significant achievements:
• Level 2 licence fee have decreased by almost 8%;
• All other licence fees remain unchanged;
• Permit fees – State level and below have decreased on average 15%, this is on top of the 10% reduction in 2011.

CAMS President Andrew Papadopoulos said “the continued focus on grass roots level motor sport remains vitally important. It is imperative that we concentrate on keeping the entry level costs of the sport minimised, to encourage more people to get involved in motor sport activity. Stable licence and reduced permit fees provide CAMS affiliated car clubs with opportunities to run successful events with improved competitor numbers. The flow on effect of this is a healthy and sustainable motor sport industry”.

CAMS CEO, David Morgan emphasised the fact that “we recognise motor sport and the organisation has not been exempt from the effects of the recent global financial crisis and we need to continue to focus on balancing our expenditure with that of supporting and improving the sport wherever possible”.

“The Sport & Club Development Officers continue to provide clubs, organisers and members with ongoing support through a friendly and personalised shopfront for the organisation. During these tough times we are working as hard as possible not to increase the financial burden imposed on our broad range of customers for the majority of our products and services”.

Please note that CAMS offices will be closed from 23 December 2011 until 9 January 2012.