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2011 CAMS Appointed Officials Seminar

The annual CAMS Appointed Officials Seminar was conducted for nationally appointed Stewards, Technical Commissioners and Race Directors on the 29 January 2011 to provide CAMS appointed officials with the tools, information and support to carry out their roles effectively.

37 officials from around Australia representing rally, off road, historic and circuit racing disciplines attended the one-day seminar which was held at the CAMS National Office.

Senior CAMS staff led participants through discussions on a range of topics including roles and responsibilities, code of conduct, reporting and documentation and eligibility issues.

The seminar also gave the officials a chance to meet the staff from CAMS and to discuss aspects that they face as they fulfil their duties at events. The seminar culminated in a role play scenario in which participants went through some real life situations that occur at various events.

Feedback from the seminar has been very positive and participants walked away with a better understanding of the important role they play in the successful operation of modern motor sport.

This ongoing training and development of CAMS Officials is vitally import to CAMS and contributes greatly to the ongoing success of our sport. The continuity of a high level of training and support is given so we can together achieve a safe yet competitive, in all forms of motorsport.

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