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FIA Notice - Impact Racing Helmets and Suits


CAMS today received a regulatory notice from the FIA in respect of the withdrawal of the recognition/homologation of Impact Racing products to the FIA 8856-2000, 8858-2002 & 8858-2010 standards, which is effective immediately. This notice is available here.

This is applicable to any event listed on the FIA international calendar and for any national level or below activity which mandates these standards.

These standards apply to race suits and also helmets detailed in the list of helmets compatible with FIA‐approved Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) systems (FIA Technical List 41).

In respect of those competitions where SFI standard suits are able to be utilised in CAMS Sanctioned competition, we would refer you to the CAMS release of October 2010 , which remains valid. This notes that the “SFI Foundation has advised that products produced by Impact Racing during 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 remain decertified. However, products made in 2009 and onward continue to be certified and may be used in competitions where an SFI standard is mandated in Schedule D of the CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.”

If you have any of these items, please refer to Schedule D of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport and/or relevant series sporting regulations to determine if this notice applies to the competitions you are competing in.

15th February 2011
To clarify the application of the FIA notice in respect of helmets:

  • The Impact Racing helmets affected remain certified under the Snell SA2005 standard, and therefore remain a permitted for use in CAMS sanctioned activity under Schedule D, Article 3.1;
  • The FIA notice applies to any activity where the regulations specifically refer to FIA Appendix L, Technical List No. 29 &/or 41 and therefore the use of an FIA approved Forward Head Restraint and helmet combination is mandated. In Australia this presently includes V8 Supercar activity and of course the international sections of Rally Australia and International Rally Queensland;
  • Except as detailed above, it is acceptable for these helmets to remain in use with a Frontal Head Restraint in competition sanctioned by CAMS under the provisions of Schedule D, Articles 3.2 and 4.3. This includes where a Frontal Head Restraint in accordance with FIA 8858-2002 or 8858-2010 is mandatory.

Should you require any clarification, please contact CAMS Technical.