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The Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) and Australian Karting Association Inc. (AKA) have announced they will be working closely on a number of joint projects in a number of key areas.

While some of these key areas will incorporate the racing aspect of motor sport, both CAMS and the AKA will be working hard on also developing the educational side of motor sport to the younger generation.

Already CAMS have the IGNITION program, which is a community development initiative supported by CAMS and its member clubs across Australia, working with their local communities, to achieve better road safety education outcomes for young people.

This program will be implemented not only to CAMS affiliated car clubs throughout Australia, but also across the broad network of AKA members across the country.

The extension of the CAMS IGNITION program will enable CAMS and the AKA to use the sport of karting to assist in delivering safe driving principles to young people throughout a number of schools across the country.

“Our CAMS IGNITION program is one that we put in place to provide the younger generation experience behind the wheel and to make a contribution to the community by teaching our young people about driving and road safety principles. I’m delighted that we can now extend this program to include AKA members across the country,” said CAMS President Andrew Papadopoulos.

Both CAMS and the AKA will also be working closely in identifying young motor sport talent. As a part of this process CAMS and the AKA will be aiming to provide some young talented drivers with a commitment to assist them in finding a clear and direct path to achieve their motor sport goals.

“During the 1990s a number of top young drivers had the support of CAMS, the AKA and the Australian Sports Commission, to compete against the world’s best and from that era a number of the world’s top drivers were formed,” said AKA National President Simon Whiting.

“It is our aim to once again be able to provide the opportunity for our young drivers to achieve their goals in motor sport through the support of CAMS and the AKA.”

Another key area that both parties are working closely on is the continual increase of female participation in motor sport.

Along with the closer alignment with CAMS, the AKA has also announced a change to the structure of the constitution in which the sport of karting is governed.

The National Karting Council has worked hard over the past few years on achieving the best outcome from a constitutional change. The new structure will see five committees, each chaired by an Executive member that will, focus on different areas to help develop the sport.