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Tom WildeCAMS wishes to congratulate Tom Wilde on his victory alongside co-driver Lee Tierney at the second round of the Australian Rally Championship (ARC), on Sunday 1 April. His first place at the Quit Forest Rally follows a maiden ARC win at Rally Calder earlier this year.

Tom is a Role Model with the CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport (IDiS) program. This is an initiative focused on providing positive examples to 15-25 year olds, specifically when it comes to saying no to illicit drugs. As a Role Model, Tom assists CAMS in reaching out to the motor sport community, promoting the positive virtues of the IDiS program and being drug free.

Speaking about the IDiS program Tom noted the importance of keeping clear of anything that diverts your attention from your goals:

“There are so many distractions in life and in motor sport, and if you want to succeed in either you need to be totally focused. The CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport Program helps motor sport to reach out to those who may be tempted or pressured into trying illicit drugs, and allows various Role Models like myself to speak to them about the real dangers of these substances.”

A particular focus of the CAMS IDiS program is to break down the threat of peer pressure by equipping those impressionable people in the 15-25 year old age range with the tools to say no, via targeted messages about the dangers of these substances and the positive examples of their Role Models.

“It is these messages about keeping focused and not letting people lead you astray that are as equally relevant in motor sport as in life – because it doesn’t take much to undo all of your hard work” highlighted Tom.

The CAMS IDiS Program, as part of an initiative by the Australian Federal Government, has a strong focus on utilising Role Models to provide a positive example to their sport and peers, by both their on-track and off-track actions.

Photo courtesy of Peter Evans