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The CAMS Ignition program will educate 200 children on safe driving principles throughout the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park.

The program, which is designed for 12-18 year olds, will once again feature at the Formula 1™ Grand Prix.

CAMS Ignition is designed to teach young drivers safe attitudes and techniques regarding the operation of motor vehicles and road use.

It is designed to complement the current learners program and helps to provide a multi-faceted approach to young driver safety.

The students take part in a range of activities as part of the program, both practical and theoretical.

Students have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car and perform some low speed manoeuvres in a controlled environment.

The theory session is a mix of exercises and information designed to give the students a heightened awareness of the factors that influence road safety.

On Wednesday the Grand Prix weekend program was launched with the support of Formula 1™ ace Jenson Button.

The program has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months - as an indication, last year 50 children undertook the program at Albert Park, compared with this year’s 200 children. According to Samantha Reid, who both manages and presents CAMS Ignition, the year round Ignition program is a useful tool in targeting young drivers on the topic of road safety.

“Young drivers are massively over-represented in Australian accident statistics and it is vitally important that we take steps to combat this".

"CAMS Ignition forms part of a multi-faceted approach to driver education which targets 12-18 year olds, but is designed to improve safety for all road users".

“It is a year-round program that targets secondary school-age, pre-licence children with the view to teach them safer driving principles when they are in the earliest stages of learning about driving".

“The program at the Grand Prix is a fantastic opportunity to talk to a wide cross-section of kids.” I