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The Formula 1™ Australian Grand Prix relies on the dedicated work of its marshals to ensure the safe and effective running of the event. All around the track these marshals, the majority volunteers, give their all to make sure any incident can be dealt with quickly and professionally.

There are over 850 Marshals at the Australian Grand Prix and they carry out a vast array of tasks over the four days of the event.

Each morning their job starts early at the Muster Tent. Here the officials sign on and ready themselves for the day. There is a group briefing, after which the marshals split into groups for individual briefings related to their sector.

After sign on, they move to their posts around the track. The track is split into sectors and each sector has its own team of marshals. The sectors consist of one corner and a given amount of track on either side.

Sector marshals control each sector and act as deputy Clerks of the Course for that area. They control the other marshals and are responsible for coordinating the response to an incident with the Clerk of Course in race control. The Sector marshal will communicate with Race Control whilst responding to an incident so that both may take appropriate action.

There are a number of marshals in each sector who fill different roles. Fire marshals have the dangerous task of responding to any fire on track. Hot racing cars and flammable fuel mean that their response to an incident is critical.

Flag marshals communicate with the drivers via a system of coloured flags. There are a wide variety of flags and each one is designed to communicate something different. The flag marshals are in constant contact with race control and respond in an instant to any incident on track. It is their responsibility to control proceedings and maintain the highest safety standards.

These are just a few of the many roles marshals perform throughout the Formula 1™ Australian Grand Prix weekend. Without their input it would be impossible to run this, or any other motor sport event. From the pit lane to the paddock, marshals influence the goings on in all areas of the Albert Park circuit.

CAMS would like to thank the marshals for their hard work thus far and wish them all the best for the last day of the event. Enjoy the race and just as importantly, enjoy the BBQ afterwards.