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Grants and Funding SA

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Is your club or association currently looking for some extra funds for club projects or equipment? Below are some grants opening soon or currently avaliable to clubs and associations!

The Office of Recreation and Sport Active Club Program - Opens August 17th

To provide assistance to active recreation and sports clubs with:

  • Programs and equipment (up to $5,000)
  • Facility requests up to $20,000 on a $1 for $1 basis

Details at


The Office of Recreation and Sport Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program - Round 2014-15 is anticipated to open 17 August 2013

To provide assistance to eligible organisations to plan, establish or improve sport and active recreation facilities that meet the needs of the community in South Australia.

Organisations can apply under the each of the following categories:

  • Category 1 – facility planning
  • Category 2 – facility development
  • (requests $1 - $200,000)
  • Category 3 – facility development
  • (requests $200,001 - $500,000)

Details at


Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program - Anticipated to open October 2013

To provide assistance to eligible organisations to develop and implement projects that will grow the sport or activity, improve services and/or address barriers to inclusion. 

Details at


Clubs SA Club One Small Grants

Club One has a small grants program to provide up to $500 (more on merit) to Clubs to assist in small projects and activities

Details at


Please contact Charise Bristow at the CAMS SA Office if you require any assistance on [email protected] or 08 8361 4801.