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In the past two years, registrations in the NSW State Supersprint Championship have been limited to 200 to ensure that all registrants do get the opportunity to get a run at each Round. However, the 200 positions for the 2015 Championship were filled in just over 2 weeks after registrations opened. This has never happened before in the history of the Championship and the NSW Supersprint Panel is concerned that some people, who wished to register for the Championship, may have missed out because they were unaware as to when registrations had either opened or closed.

While a Registration Form is placed on the NSW Supersprints website to enable people to register in the Championship, in the past the only people who actually received a written invitation to register were those who competed in the Championship in the previous year or two.Obviously, the people who don’t receive written invitations are at a distinct disadvantage to those who do, particularly when registrations are open for such a small time as they were this year.

In the interests of fairness, the Panel has decided that Invitations to Register for 2016 Championship will be only sent to the following people:

* Registrants in the 2015 Championship, and

* persons who have lodged and Expression of Interest in respect of the 2016 Championship.

The 2016 Expression of Interest can be found on the Supersprint Championship website under the Rules & Forms tab on the Home page.

If you are not registered in the 2015 Championship, you will have to lodge an Expression of Interest to ensure that a written Invitation to Register for the 2016 Championship is sent to you. The Expression of Interest Form takes seconds to complete and lodge and every person who lodges one will receive a written invitation to register for the 2016 Championship at the same time as 2015 Championship registrants

Please note: expressing your interest does not guarantee you a position in the 2016 Championship. You will still be required to be one of the first 200 people to register to participate in the 2016 Championship.