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The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) offers multiple media channels which are available for businesses to utilise for targeted marketing programs.

Advertising is available through the following CAMS channels:

CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship:
Shannons Nationals:

CAMS and associated webpages offer a variety of online marketing opportunities and advertising spaces. For example:
• Wing banners are utilised throughout all of the pages on the CAMS website, as well as island banners available on both the CAMS and Formula 4 websites.
• Dedicated Social Media channels are available for each of the above initiatives through popular social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

CAMS Manual of Motor Sport (Annual printed and online publication):
The manual of motor sport is the official ‘rule book’ of motor sport. Setting the National Competition Rules, and the General Requirements set by CAMS, the Manual is offered free to all competition licence holders with their licence renewals and is available for free online for all competitors and officials. Advertising space inside the Manual can be targeted to suit core business segments.

Speed Read
Speed Read (monthly database e-newsletter):
 Sent to the full CAMS email database, Speed Read is the one place to catch up on all things motor sport every month. Interviews, event reports, technical updates and other top news from the month all in a featured monthly publication.

State News
State Update (monthly targeted e-newsletter):
Tailored uniquely to cover the latest relevant state news, the state update allows geographical segmentation for cost effective marketing for both national companies and local small businesses.

Shans Nats
The Racing Magazine (Magazine and event programme):
 The Shannons Nationals (ANRC) dedicated magazine available in print at all Championship rounds and online at Used as a track day programme and featuring category news and interviews, the Racing Magazine has established a strong following for news on all things Nationals.

Marketing packages can be tailored to suit individual business needs. For more information please contact CAMS Marketing Coordinator Jack Lynch on [email protected] or 03 9593 7727