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What category does my vehicle comply with?

It is the responsibility for the competitor to read, understand and ensure that their vehicle complies with all Regulations for the event the vehicle is entered in. Technical Regulations can be found in the CAMS Manual of Motor Sport

Do CAMS approve safety cage manufacturers?

CAMS do not currently approve individual safety cage manufacturers, compliancy to Schedule J is based on the structure only.

Can I use extra reinforcements which are not covered by Schedule J of the CAMS Manual of Motor Sport?

All tubes used in a safety cage structure must comply with Schedule J. Certification of a safety cage may allow for additional reinforcements.

Are windscreen diagonals allowed?

Only off road vehicles built to GR9 of the General Requirements for Off Road vehicles have that freedom. All other vehicles to FIA or CAMS regulations must comply with the measurements as below:



Can I transfer a bolt in safety cage to another vehicle?

Bolt in cages can be transferred to another vehicle, provided:

  • The safety cage structure complies with current regulations
  • A new installation sheet (for certified cages) or registration form will need to be completed reflecting the VIN/chassis number the cage is in

Can you use a SFI compliant race suit in National Competitions?

As per Schedule D of the CAMS Manual of Motor Sport, a race suit to FIA 1986 or FIA 8856-2000 are required for all National competitions, excepting Off Road and Auto Test events.

How do I get added to the Pre-log Book Inspectors list?

A request from the applicable State Scrutiny Panel is required to add or remove scrutineers from this list.

How do I get my safety cage approved?

During your pre-log book inspection, a CAMS Scrutineer will determine if the safety cage structure complies with Schedule J or not.

Do you have to get a log book to register a safety cage?

You do not need to have a log book to register a safety cage.