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Log Books

L-BContemporary Vehicles

All contemporary log book applications and amendments should be sent to the Customer Service Department in the first instance.

V8 Supercar and V8 Touring Car log books

All applications and amendments shall be sent to the Technical Department for processing.

V8 Supercar log books (3A) are ONLY VALID for V8 Supercar Championship Events.

 To change a V8 Supercar log book to a V8 Touring Car log book:

  • The V8 Supercar log book (3A) and log book amendment form will need to be sent to the CAMS National Office
  • The 3A log book will be stamped cancelled
  • A V8 Touring Car log book (3D) will be issued
  • Both log books will be returned to the applicant

 The “log book issuing” fee as per Appendix R is payable for this service.