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Safety Cage Certification

 Safety Cage 2

  • Approval in principle for any proposed design shall be sought from the CAMS Technical Department prior to commencement of construction by the manufacturer. The structure must be completed within the year the approval in principle was given or the structure will need to comply with the rules in force at the time of completion.
  • All applications are assessed on a case by case basis, CAMS reserves the right to accept or reject any given application

A certified safety cage structure is one which has been approved by CAMS for a specific vehicle, although, it may not comply in all respects with the specifications of Schedule J. A manufacturer may apply to CAMS for the certification of a safety cage structure. The certification regulations are available from the CAMS Technical Department, via email: [email protected]

The certification process does not provide for ‘free design’ safety cage structures. It is intended primarily to prove that the manufacturer has met the strength criteria through engineering calculation undertaken by an engineering company approved by the FIA and CAMS and listed on the Technical List No. 35 LIST OF COMPANIES APPROVED BY THE FIA FOR THE CALCULATION OF SAFETY CAGES (available at Despite the use of material to alternate specifications generally a safety cage structure must still comply with the design criteria detailed in the applicable regulations (FIA/CAMS) to be eligible for certification by CAMS.

Where the vehicle is subject of safety cage certificate, the safety cage certification number shall be issued and recorded in the log book by CAMS. The manufacturer is responsible for affixing an identification plate (stamped, engraved or tamper proof sticker) to the safety cage structure. The identification plate shall bear the name of the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s unique serial number of the cage and the CAMS certificate number.

Where a safety cage structure is subject of a certificate or homologation VO, this documentation shall be presented at event scrutiny and be available to the Chief Scrutineer and/or Technical Commissioner upon request. The safety cage structure must comply with this document at all times.

Fees for certification can be found in Appendix R. Any engineering costs incurred during the certification process are the responsibility of the applicant.