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Foreign Certifications and Homologations

A safety cage structure approved by an ASN other than CAMS is not necessarily eligible for competition in Australia. Prior to importing a vehicle or safety cage kit, a competitor is strongly advised to contact the CAMS Technical Department for guidance.

For such a safety cage to be considered, a full copy of the certificate shall be provided to the CAMS Technical Department by the applicant. Certifcates are available (normally at a cost) from the ASN who certified the cage.

The certificate generally includes (depending on the ASN and year the certificate was issued):

  • The Manufacturer's details
  • The make and model of the vehicle/s the cage is certified to be installed in
  • Drawing of front 3/4 view of the complete structure
  • Details of structure (configuration and materials of the basic structure)
  • Photos of the structure
  • Installation sheet signed by the Manufacturer

Any additional information required will be the responsibility of the applicant to produce. 

CAMS are under no obligation to accept safety cages certified by other ASN’s to their National Regulations or to superseded regulations.