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Safety, Sustainability & Integrity

Safety in Motor Sport

All organisations and indeed all persons involved in motor sport in any capacity, be they drivers, co-drivers, team members, officials, the media, organisers, promoters and motorsport contractors  owe obligations and have responsibilities under the relevant Occupational Health and Safety Act or Work Health and Safety Act in each state of Australia.
It is an obligation under law for all organisations to satisfy the requirement of the various  WHS,OH&S Acts and to demonstrate that they have safe systems of work in place which provide evidence that the workplace is as far as practicable, without risks to the health and safety of all persons attending the event.
This obligation applies not only to persons involved with the organisation of all events held under the sanction of a permit issued by CAMS, but also to CAMS itself.

CAMS Safety Processes

CAMS has developed a Safety 1st Strategy which details how the components of many areas of motor sport safety are applicable within CAMS, and how they are drawn together to complete the “jigsaw” of CAMS safety processes to ensure the sport is as safe as is reasonably practicable.

In conjunction with the Safety 1st Strategy, a number of operational controls are required to be enacted by organisers of all events to ensure the safety of both the competition and the public environment, which can be found in the Safety 1st at events pages of this site.

In addition, this area of the website contains helpful information for event organisers and competitors to assist in planning their activities in a manner which will demonstrate a commitment to providing a safe environment for all persons.