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Clear to steer

CTSYear-round, drivers, crews and officials find themselves in hot, humid and sometimes poorly-ventilated environments. The colour of one’s urine is a quick indication of whether they are sufficiently hydrated; whereby the clearer the urine, the more hydrated one is.

Based on this concept, CAMS has developed a hydration awareness program Clear to Steer, aimed at increasing education and awareness on dehydration and heat illness. The program is an important initiative linked directly to the CAMS Safety 1st Strategy and is underpinned by robust research conducted by the Australian Institute for Motor Sport Safety (AIMSS).

Clear to Steer aims to: decrease the risk of dehydration and heat illness in participants at motor sport events by increasing safe hydration policies, environments, knowledge, skills and behaviours; support the health and wellbeing of CAMS members by providing hydration packs; promote goodwill by supporting the active involvement of all volunteers in managing their safety and wellbeing; and promote the benefits of AIMSS by capitalising on recent research.

Clear to Steer will assist event organisers, officials, volunteers, competitors and crews to understand the causes and effects of heat illness and dehydration, and to take the simple steps to minimise the risks during hot or humid weather.

To view the Clear to Steer information booklet, click here