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Illicit Drugs in Sport (IDiS)

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The CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport (IDiS) program is funded as part of the Australian Government's ‘Illicit Drugs in Sport – National Education and Action Plan’ initiative.  When the IDiS program commenced in 2009, CAMS embarked on a campaign of influencing attitudes by educating motor sport participants and the general community about the dangers of illicit drug use, including damage to their health, their life time social responsibilities and, in particular, the health and safety implications of participating in motor sport while affected by drugs.

In addition to educating motor sport participants about the dangers associated with illicit drug use, CAMS Safety Testing is carried out on licensed competitors and officials to detect illicit drugs and enforce penalties such as exclusion from meetings, drug counselling and fines.  This authority comes following CAMS Board approval of the new ‘CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport (Safety Testing) Policy’ on 23 July 2014.

Educational material is continually being developed and updated via this website in order to communicate the key messages of the CAMS IDiS program to the motor sport community, including:  

• Illicit drug use is harmful to your health

• Illicit drug use can affect your sporting performance

• Illicit drug use can affect your reputation and sporting career

• Illicit drug use can affect your team

• Illicit drug use can impact on the community who support you

• Participating in sport supports a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the educational material that is available on this website, an interactive web-based e-learning system is currently under development by the Australian Government and will be made available to motor sport participants upon completion.

Further materials, including illicit drug fact sheets, are available for download in the ‘Links and Resources’ section below.

Please follow the relevant links below to download a copy of the current policy and other associated documents.