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Hill Climb

The essence of hill climbing is that it is a single car on the track at a time running against the clock. The tracks used are sometimes dedicated hill climb venues, or often short sections of closed public roads that have been upgraded for the purpose. Part of the skill involved in hill climbing is learning to drive the car quickly without the opportunity to warm tyres and brakes. It therefore proves to be an invaluable training ground for drivers in all aspects of car control.

2018 CAMS Australian Hill Climb Championship
25–28 October
Bryant Park, Victoria
Gippsland Car Club



Autocross sees cars released onto the track one at a time with each vehicle racing against the clock around typically tight, twisty and challenging dirt tracks for a single lap. Autocross is a fabulous introduction for drivers to driving quickly on dirt, and a teaser for those who might wish to try their hand at Rally or Off Road events.

Sprints and Supersprints

Sprints and Supersprints are mostly conducted at the recognised motor racing circuits around the country. Individual or small numbers of cars are released at regular intervals onto the track and generally complete several laps at a time racing against the clock, and not the other drivers out there at the time. Whilst sprints are not actually races, they give participants a great feel for what it is like to drive at high speed competitively around a race track and provide a fabulous test for car and driver alike.

2018 CAMS Australian Supersprint Championship
3–4 November
Wakefield, New South Wales
NSW Road Racing Club


Drifting is all about controlled slides around a series of corners. Drifting is a judged and not determined by outright speed or time. Drift battles see drivers go head to head and attempt to mirror each other’s slides.


A Regularity Trial is not a race, it provides an opportunity for drivers to compete in a different style of speed event with less vigour than racing. Regularity Trials require drivers to nominate a lap time, and to meet that time each lap. Points are deducted for going above or below the nominated times. For Historic motor sport, the showcasing of vehicles in this form of competition is an important aspect of maintaining and demonstrating Australia’s motoring history.