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High Performance Licence (HPL) Endorsement



Licence Endorsement For High Performance Historics

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), in conjunction with the Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission (AHMSC), has implemented a High Performance Licence (HPL) Endorsement for selected historic vehicle groups.

Given the nature of vehicles involved in historic motor sport, there can often be greater risks for participants.
The AHMSC will now introduce licence changes in order to mitigate risks posed by inexperienced competitors in high performance 5th Category Historic vehicles.

Approval for these changes has been received from the Association of Historic Motor Racing Clubs, and F5000 Australia support and remain active in assisting CAMS with the implementation.

Changes for 2018

In addition to applicants currently holding a National Circuit (NC) Licence, a HPL Endorsement will now be required for the following high performance 5th Category Historic vehicles:
• FIA Formula One and Indy Cars (all)
• F5000 (all)

Additionally, a National Circuit licence will be the minimum requirement for the following 5th Category Historic vehicle Groups:
• Groups Q and R FIA 2L Formula Two (2000cc)
• Group R Formula 3000/Formula Holden (all)
• Groups Q and R Sports over 2 Litre engine capacity
• FIA prototypes Group C1 and C2 Sports (all)
NOTE: International C/CH licence holders still require the endorsement to compete nationally.

Application Process

In addition to holding a National Circuit licence, a HPL Endorsement Observed Licence Test must be conducted in the relevant vehicle, followed by a final endorsement approval by the CAMS HPL Endorsement Evaluation Panel.

Application forms for an HPL Endorsement are available HERE.

A Recognition of Previous Experience (RPE) application process will be available for existing drivers of vehicles that will now require HPL Endorsement.

An application forms for an HPL RPE are available on the same HPL application form.


There will be no charge to a competitor for a Historic HPL Endorsement in 2018. Should an Observed Licence Test be undertaken outside of an event, then the cost of any test would apply.
There will be no administration fee for an application for a HPL Endorsement.
Competitors upgrading or applying for a new National Circuit licence should refer to the current CAMS licence structure for licencing costs.


Is anyone exempt from requiring the HPL Endorsement?
A driver holding a CAMS Superlicence is exempted from the above evaluation.

Do I still require the endorsement if I hold a FIA International C, CH licence or higher?
C/CH licence holders still require the endorsement to compete nationally.

Once I receive the HPL Endorsement, am I required to re-apply?
Once you receive the HPL Endorsement, you are not required to re-apply.

However the Stewards of a Meeting can suspend a HPL Endorsement at a Meeting should it be identified that a driver is not demonstrating the necessary skills to maintain the HPL Endorsement. In such a case, the HPL Endorsement issued for that Driver will be reviewed post the meeting by the CAMS HPL Endorsement Evaluation Panel.

The CAMS CEO also has the authority to suspend a licence and/or endorsement at any time in accordance with CAMS NCR 193.

What if I have already renewed my licence prior to applying/receiving the HPL endorsement?
If you have already received your licence, a replacement licence can be sent out upon successful application of the HPL endorsement.

Where can I book a HPL Endorsement OLT?
Depending on your State, you can book in for a CAMS Observed Licence Test by accredited OLT Evaluators, by accredited private providers, or prior to a 5th Category Race Meeting. Please click HERE for a list of OLT dates or contact [email protected]

Further queries can be directed to [email protected]