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Safety Cages



Vehicles in the 5th Category are required to comply with one of the following requirements in regards to safety cages:


Ja, Ka, Lb

Group N

Group S

All other groups

Form required

No safety cage   required unless originally fitted






No form

Safety cage to   comply with 1973 requirements  (as detailed in 3.1.5 of the 5th Category Regulations)





Yes ^

No form

Safety cage to   comply with Schedule J of the CAMS Manual




 Type 2 or 3


Type 2 or 3


Safety Cage Registration forms (Type 1, 2 and 3)


Safety cage to   comply with item 3.6.5 of the 5th Category regulations





Historic Safety Cage Authorisation  form


Refer to section 3.1.5 or the relevant vehicle requirements of the 5th Category Regulations for more information regarding the safety cage requirement for your vehicle.

* Group S, refer to section 3.5.1 of the 5th Category Regulations

^Some vehicles may not be able to comply with Schedule J or the 1973 requirements and may be eligible to apply for consideration to be granted permission to install a safety cage that complies with 3.6.5 of the 5th Category Regulations