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Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission

The Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission (AHMSC) is a body appointed by the Board of CAMS to manage historic motor sport and advise on all related matters. 

It is responsible for all historic matters and the advancement of the interests of historic enthusiasts and competitors. It is empowered by CAMS to produce and manage the historic business plan in accordance with the AHMSC Policy Statement and within parameters defined by CAMS. 

One aspect of the Commission’s activities is dealing with the eligibility of historic cars. For this purpose, the Commission has established the Historic Eligibility Committee (HEC) and Historic Production-based Eligibility Committee (HPBEC). Each State has resident Eligibility Officers whose job, in the first instance, is to inspect and categorise all cars for which application has been made for an Historic Log Book and Certificate of Description. 

All the members of the AHMSC and the Eligibility Committees serve on a voluntary basis and do so solely in the interests of regulating and fostering historic racing and other events involving historic cars.

Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission

Chairman – Bob Cracknell (VIC)

Bill Cutler (VIC)

Craig Trenham (TAS)

John Bryant (SA)

John Van Leeuwen (WA)

Alan Don (QLD)

Edward Gavin (NSW)

Additional members

Representative for Groups F, P, Q, R - Peter Addision  

HEC Chairman - Bryan Miller

HPBEC Chairman - Bruce Richards 

Board Appointed - Bob Harborow

FIA HMSC Representative – Paul Hamilton

Historic Portfolio Holder, CAMS Board – Norman Gowers


5th Category Signage application (H103 Application 5th Category 3.1.3 Paintwork and Signage)