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What is Historic Motor Sport

Friday (29)

Historic Motor Sport is an exciting, fun and social form of motor sport that caters for people with all of cars. Historic racing is one of the fastest growing forms of Motorsport in Australia, regularly showcasing some of the worlds most significant and famous cars in a friendly, festival styled atmosphere. Principles of authenticity, preservation and amateur competition ensure that historic motor sport is non-aggressive and emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, enjoyment and the social aspects of motor sport.

Historic racing provides the opportunity for drivers to race historic cars in an atmosphere similar to that enjoyed in the various historic periods. 

The two major guiding principles of historic motor sport are authenticity of vehicles, and amateur sport. Preservation, restoration and appropriate use of historic cars, in that order, are the keynotes. 

Whilst the category was designed originally to cater only for the actual cars that raced in the historic periods, the category has since been expanded to include some classes for cars which, although not endowed with a racing history, are considered a suitable addition to historic motor sport and are cars that are an appropriate representation of the period. 

The Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission is adamant that historic racing should accurately depict the cars that existed in the past. Particular attention is paid to the periods of the cars, the authenticity of their specifications, and the group categories in which they compete. 

Historic racing in Australia now provides an ideal segment of the sport for those people with an interest in motor racing history, and in particular Australian motor racing history, and a desire to recapture the more relaxed atmosphere of the days of amateur motor sport.