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Log Book Information

What is a log book?

A log book is evidence of registration of an automobile with CAMS. It contains a description and specification of the automobile to which it refers.

Who needs a log book?

In accordance with Schedule L of the CAMS Manual, a log book is required at all race meetings, state level and higher speed events, rallies (other than introductory) and off road events.

Can I have a log book without a CAMS licence?

Yes, you can. You need to be the bona fide legal owner of the vehicle in order to obtain a logbook, but it is not necessary to hold a CAMS licence. Please note that if you wish to enter the vehicle at an event in your name you will need to have a CAMS licence. For more information contact the Member Services department on 1300 883 959.

Can I get my car scrutineered after I receive my log book?

No, your car must be inspected by an approved scrutineer before a logbook can be issued. For a list of accredited scrutineers click here.

How can I pay for my log book?

All new log book applications must be send to CAMS Head Office (PO BOX 147 Caulfield East, VIC, 3145). CAMS accepts Cheque, Money order or Credit card. New logbooks cannot be issued by state offices.

Can I email my log book application?

Yes, you are able email the forms and photos to [email protected]

My car was destroyed in an accident, what should I do with my log book?

You must return the log book to CAMS. It will be cancelled and returned to you.

I have changed the colour of my car, do I need new photos?

Yes, if you change the appearance of the car you must send the log book and new photos to CAMS. The log book will be updated and returned to you, along with the old photos.

For a list of all log book forms, click HERE