Occupational / Workplace Health and Safety Policy

1. Objective of Policy
This Policy shows CAMS commitment to ensuring the health and safety of Staff, Contractors and Volunteers who work for CAMS, and for minimising the risk to competitors, participants, officials, Contractors, and visitors at CAMS Events, to the extent reasonably practicable.

2. Scope of Policy
This policy applies to all CAMS Staff and Volunteers working for CAMS.

3. Definitions
Capitalised terms used in this Policy have the following meanings unless stated otherwise:

(a) Board Members (The Board) means Directors of the CAMS Board, which also includes the President and FIA delegate.
(b) CAMS means the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd.
(c) CAMS Appointed Officials means officials appointed by CAMS to work at a CAMS Event or a Permitted Event, namely Stewards of Meetings, Race Directors, Technical Commissioners and any other official expressly appointed by CAMS.
(d) CAMS Events means motor sport events conducted by CAMS excluding Permitted Events.
(e) Contractor means a contractor or subcontractor engaged by CAMS.
(f) Permitted Events means motor sport events that are not conducted by CAMS but are conducted pursuant to a licence, permit or authority issued by CAMS.
(g) Senior Volunteer means a volunteer who is a Board Member of CAMS, or a Chair of any CAMS Commission, Committee, State Executive, Working Group, Panel or is otherwise appointed by CAMS to a senior voluntary position.
(h) Staff means a paid employee of CAMS who conducts work for CAMS including at CAMS Events and Permitted Events.
(i) Volunteers means unpaid/honorary representatives working for CAMS on authorised and approved CAMS business, including Senior Volunteers, Commission & Committee members and CAMS Appointed Officials.

4. Policy Statement

4.1 The Working Environment
CAMS will use its best endeavours to achieve a working environment that, to the extent reasonably practicable eliminates or reduces risks to health and safety by:

(a) conducting risk assessments on hazards and risks relating to the work of Staff and Volunteers;
(b) monitoring the health and safety of Staff and Volunteers;
(c) seeking advice on safety matters when required;
(d) promoting safety and welfare to Staff and Volunteers;
(e) working with Staff who are returning to work after illness or injury to assist their rehabilitation;
(f) providing training to Staff on work health and safety on induction and then as required;
(g) providing training and instruction to Volunteers as to the safe performance of their work as required;
(h) ensuring Contractors comply with their health and safety obligations by requiring them in CAMS contracts to address risks and have in place control measures to eliminate or reduce risks arising from their work;
(i) ensuring those conducting Permitted Events adopt any work health and safety policies required by CAMS and address risks and have in place control measures to eliminate or reduce risks arising from their Permitted Event/s;
(j) consulting with Staff and Volunteers on work health and safety matters;
(k) reporting to the Board Members on work health and safety.

4.2 The Motor Sport Environment
CAMS recognises that motor sport may present risks to the health and safety of competitors, officials, Contractors, and visitors at CAMS Events. CAMS seeks to reduce those potential risks by:

(a) having a health and safety program (‘the program’), which will protect and enhance the health and safety of all relevant CAMS stakeholders;
(b) having CAMS Board Members, Staff, Volunteers; and CAMS associated and affiliated organisations working together to develop and implement the program;
(c) providing training to Volunteers as required;
(d) applying the program at all CAMS Events and, to the extent possible, Permitted Events;
(e) reviewing the program annually or more frequently if required;
(f) reporting on compliance and implementation to the Board Members. 

5. Policy Procedure

5.1 Best Practice
CAMS aims to be recognised as the motor sport leader in safety as it relates to Staff and Volunteers.

5.2 Leadership
All CAMS managers and those in leadership positions, including Senior Volunteers, will provide the leadership needed to reach these goals.

5.3 Managers and Senior Volunteers
CAMS managers and Senior Volunteers are committed to the provision and maintenance of a healthy and safe workplace, and to the extent reasonably practicable and as appropriate, will:

(a) consult and participate with CAMS Staff, Volunteers and associated stakeholders in the health and safety program;
(b) use risk identification, assessment and control principles to reach CAMS health and safety objectives;
(c) inform and train CAMS Staff and Volunteers and associated stakeholders in relevant policies, procedures and health and safety obligations;
(d) participate in CAMS induction and implement all safety procedures;
(e) allocate appropriate resources for the program.

5.4 Staff and Volunteers CAMS Staff and Volunteers will:

(a) participate and support CAMS in its efforts to reach its health, safety and where relevant, rehabilitation objectives;
(b) follow reasonable health and safety instructions from managers, supervisors or Senior Volunteers;
(c) report any serious incidents, accidents, injuries or hazards in the workplace to supervisors or designated representatives;
(d) aim to work in a way that does not endanger the safety of themselves and/or others;
(e) properly use and maintain safety equipment;
(f) make sure other CAMS Staff and Volunteers and visitors follow safety rules in the workplace;
(g) participate in all CAMS induction programs when required, and follow all safety procedures.

5.5 CAMS Employees and CAMS Appointed Officials at Permitted Events

(a) CAMS Staff and CAMS Appointed Officials will conduct themselves in a safe manner and in line with local safety policies and procedures when attending Permitted Events on behalf of CAMS. In the absence of these, CAMS’ organisational procedures will apply.
(b) CAMS Staff and CAMS Appointed Officials have the right to cease work at any Permitted Event if the Staff member or CAMS Appointed Official has concerns that risks to health and safety have not been appropriately eliminated or reduced. 

5.6 Consultation
CAMS consults on work health and safety with its Staff, Volunteers and stakeholders in a number of different ways and in accordance with any Consultation Policy.

5.7 Dispute Resolution
Any disputes as to work health and safety matters that are not addressed by other CAMS policies or procedures will be at the first instance addressed through informal mediation between the parties. If this is unsuccessful the CAMS CEO will refer the matter to formal mediation, and may then arbitrate the dispute if required.

6. Related Rules, Policies or Procedures

(a) Consultation Policy

7. General

(a) The Policy Manager is the Manager Workplace Health and Safety. Any questions in relation to this Policy should be directed to the Manager Workplace Health and Safety – CAMS.
(b) This Policy was approved on 08/09/16.
(c) Date due for review on 08/09/18.