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Service Star

AwardsservicestarCAMS Service Star - Instituted 1995


The Service Star may be conferred by CAMS on a member who has given exemplary service to CAMS and to motor sport, usually over many years and often in a variety of roles and activities. It stands above the Service Award and may be a further recognition for a member who holds a Service Award.


A nominee shall have provided dedicated service to the sport over a prolonged period, most probably across a number of roles and duties, in a manner which exceeds those for award of the Service Award.

  1. The Service Star will not be awarded to a serving Director of CAMS;
  2. A person who has already received a Service Award and has continued to serve motor sport at state, national or international level in a manner which would justify them being awarded a second Service Award, is eligible for the Service Star.
Year Name Year Name
2017 Michael Holloway 2017 Ivan Tarrant
2017 Brian Everitt 2017 Paul Henningsen
2017 Trevor Neumann 2017 Phil Twigg
2017 Bob Nason 2017 Greta Nason
2017 Robin Wilmot 2017 Karen Baker
2016 Garrett (Garry) Coleman OAM 2016 Robert Cracknell
2016 Ian Lamb 2016 Fred Severin
2016 Joan Shearer 2016 Ian Tate
2016 Kim Taylor 2016 Rosemary Taylor
2016 Tony Van den Dungen 2016 Wendy Walker
2016 Paul Woodward    
2015 Graham Boulter 2015 Henk Duncan
2015 David Elliott 2015 Jack Holding
2015 Steven Lynch 2015 David Martin
2015 Graham Wallis    
2014 John Palmer 2014 Stephen Preece
2014 Garry Searle 2014 Lesley Smart
2014 Maurice Smith 2014 Robert Stansfield
2014 Graeme Taylor 2014 Robert Thiry
2013 Mr Roger Brown 2013 Mr Vince Ciccarello
2013 Mr Andrew Fisher 2013 Mr Barry Frost
2013 Ms Margaret Hardy 2013 Ms Kerril Maloney
2013 Mr Neville Pym 2013 Mr Andy Van Kann
2012 Mr Neil Turner 2012 Mr Allan Young
2012 Mr Ross Palmer 2012 Mr Robert Nason
2012 Mr Gary Grant 2012 Mr Lawrie Schmitt OAM
2012 Mr Ewan Cole    
2011 Mr Bob Lean 2011 Mrs Glenda Grove
2011 Mr Steve Lisk    
2010 Mr Adrian Dudok 2010 Dr Rik Hagen
2010 Mr Peter Hall 2010 Mr Paul Overell
2010 Mr Trevor Pound 2010 Mr Benjamin Rainsford
2010 Mr Colin Trinder 2009 Mr Ross Tapper
2009 Mr Paul Hamilton 2009 Mr Bill Hemming
2008 Mr Steve Ashton 2008 Mr Tony Caldersmith
2008 Mr Errol Bailey    
2005 Mr Allan Young 2004 Mr Angus Black
2008 Mr Milton Brennan 2004 Mr Steven Chopping
2008 Mr Bruce Keys 2004 Mr Stuart Lister
2008 Mr Stuart Kostera 2004 Dr Paul Temme
2008 Mr Barry Oliver 2004 Mr Garth Wigston
2008 Mr John Paterson 2002 Ms Judyth Russell
2008 Mrs Jenny White 2001 Mr Des Jones
2007 Mr Geoffrey Sykes    
2007 Mr Jon Davison 2001 Mr Maurice Wilson
2007 Mr Lin Gigney 2000 Mr Max Amos
2006 Mr Peter Macneall 2000 Mr Clyde Carstairs
2006 Mr David Manners 2000 Dr Bruce Nicol
2006 Mr Keith Neville 1999 Mr Ted Blackwell
2006 Mr Mitchell Nicholls 1999 Dr Martin Gleeson
2006 Mr Ron Rigby 1999 Mr Warren Gracie
2006 Mr Adrian Stafford 1999 Mr Alan Vaughan
2006 Mr Steve Vanderbyl 1999 Mr Ian Curwen-Walker
2006 Mr Ben Williams 1998 Mrs Ann Thomson
2005 Mr Lawson Ballantine 1996 Mr John Cotter
2005 Mr Glen Dix 1996 Mr Mike Bell
2005 Mr Graeme Palmer 1995 Mr Bruce Went