CAMS has undertaken a timely and appropriate review of its Safety 1st Strategy across the organisation. The CAMS Safety 1st Strategy was initially developed and designed and made available to the CAMS Board, Staff and any interested stakeholders in the safety activities of CAMS.

The revised CAMS Safety 1st Strategy continues to detail how the components of many areas of motor sport safety are applicable to both CAMS and to our stakeholders, and how they are drawn together to complete the “jigsaw” of CAMS’ safety processes.

This updated document was completed after significant review and revamp to encompass an approach that incorporates the implications of the recently introduced “harmonised” Workplace Health and Safety legislation in a number of Australian states. The amendments also seek to clarify the distinction between CAMS and its expectations of event organisers.


Safety 1st

At events
Event Package
Event Site Inductions
Event Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)



Significant changes have been made to the compliance checker process. A number of initiatives aimed directly at supporting event organisers and officials has occurred. These changes include:

  • Simplification of reporting forms
  • Reduction of paper forms
  • Replacement of compliance checker process at Motorkhana and Khanacross