The Australian Institute for Motor Sport Safety (AIMSS), a not-for-profit organisation, was established by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) in 2007 and is the peak body for motor sport safety and related research in Australia.

AIMSS works in conjunction with CAMS in an advisory role and is a research partner of  the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) Institute for Motor Sport Safety and Sustainability to develop safety through research, education and industry liaison.

As a result of its partnership status with the FIA Institute, AIMSS works to disseminate safety breakthroughs, news and information from around the world to the Australian motor sport community.

Contributions to AIMSS helps keep Australia at the forefront of motor sport safety – benefiting CAMS members and licence holders at all levels.

Mission statement

Motor Sport will always be one of the greatest and most exciting challenges for driver and machine. Reducing the risk of death and injury will not make it less so. In today’s society, not to manage this risk in a responsible manner is socially unacceptable and may, as it was 50 years ago, be a threat to the long term future of motor sport.

The mission of the Australian Institute for Motor Sport Safety is to be;

The Institute founded by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) to;

  • Promote improvements in motor sport safety.
  • Coordinate safety related programs of research and education and other safety initiatives.
  • Promote the relationship between motor sport and road safety.
  • Make representation to Government and other organisations on motor sport safety.
  • The driving force for the improvement of safety in motor sport in Australia.

Recognised by Government for its expertise in motor sport safety.

AIMSS Objectives

The fundamental objectives of AIMSS are parallel to those of the FIA Institute, as a non regulatory body, to promote research into all aspects of motor sport safety, support the training of officials and race personnel, and monitor safety trends in order to identify research and regulation priorities.

AIMSS primary objectives are;

  • Lead the development of motor sport safety through research, education and industry liaison.
  • Oversee non regulatory activities affecting motor sport safety in Australia including the protection of participants, officials and the public
  • Act in conjunction with CAMS and the FIA.
  • To advise Federal and State Governments on best practice in motor sport safety
  • Provide a centre of excellence for specific areas of expertise in motor sport safety procedures that have been developed in Australia.
  • Provide AIMSS members with a range of motorsport safety benefits.
  • As a conduit for the members of AIMSS, including suppliers to the motor sport industry, to have access to CAMS services relevant to safety in motor sport.
  • Investigate motor sport incidents in order to identify causal factors and outcomes, report to AIMSS members, the Board of CAMS and public authorities as appropriate.
  • Collect and analyse statistic relevant to motor sport safety.
  • Monitor safety trends and develop a program to counter any perception in the community that risks in motor sport are high compared to other sports, and respond areas of public concern.
  • Develop and implement innovated AIMSS research and educational programs on safety procedure, practices and technologies and raise funds for such programs.
  • Support the training of motor sport officials, such as rally, off road, circuit and race personnel in safety procedures and the use of equipment.
  • Monitor the progress of FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety programs and manage the implementation of relevant results of these programs in Australian Motor Sport.
  • Make representations to CAMS, where appropriate, that the results of safety research projects may be applied to the regulations of Australian motor sport.
  • Promote public road safety in Australia.

AIMSS Board of Directors

Chairman – Garry Connelly AM
Director – Dr Michelle Gatton
Director – Dr Matthew MacPartlin
Director – Sam Michael
Director – Kate Smailes
Director – Andrew Papadopoulos
Director – David Stuart



AIMSS Research Advisory Group

Chairman - Dr Michael Henderson MA, MB, BCH
Advisor - Tony Caldersmith Dip Eng (Aero)
Advisor - Robert Chadwick BEng (Mech) Hons, GradDipMgt, MSAE-E
Advisor - Dr Tom Gibson BE, MSC, PHD, CPENG
Advisor - Richard Hollway BEng (Mech) Hons
Advisor - Professor Rod Troutbeck BEng (Civil), MENGSCI, PHD, FIEAUST, MITE(US)
Director - Professor Jack McLean FTSE, BE, ME (ADELAIDE), MSC, PHD (HARVARD)