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Essential Officials Matrices

Regardless of your event discipline or level, essential officials are required to ensure the effective management and safe execution of your event.

In an effort to assist clubs & event organisers to comply with CAMS minimum essential officials' requirements when submitting a Permit Application, CAMS have put together an Essential Officials Matrix which identifies the type of Essential Official along with the minimum licence level required to fulfil each role.

Download the relevant discipline matrix from below:




CAMS Club Information Document

Information for the affiliated clubs of CAMS, including its programs: Club Challenge Australia, Club Development Fund, Dare To Be Different & Ricciardo's Racers.




CAMS Club Resource Guide 

The CAMS Club Resource Guide is the ultimate resource for information on running a CAMS Affiliated Car Club.


Marketing and Communications Guidelines

The Women in Motor Sport Marketing and Communications Guidelines have been developed for CAMS affiliated car clubs looking to develop inclusive communication and marketing practices.

Effective marketing can play a key role helping your club to increase membership, improve culture, attract commercial support, and contribute to building inclusive communities.

Click here to download the guidelines.







Funding Opportunities

In Australia, funding is available for organisations and / or individuals involved in sport and recreation from a range of sources. While the majority of capital comes from National, State/Territory and Local Government programs, Sport and Recreation agencies are not the only avenues to dispense grants. Funding is also channelled through programs for community groups to achieve a range of development goals through sport, physical activity and / or recreation.

If you are seeking funding for an event/s, think of what your event can bring to the local area & its economy.  Are people going to travel to your event (intrastate / interstate / international)?  Will they be travelling alone or will they be travelling to the event with other people (e.g. family, pit crew, etc.)?

For those considering equipment grants, you need to prosecute your case for funding with compelling reasons as to why the equipment is going to greatly improve your club's ability to develop.  What is the overall benefit of the funding body providing your club with funding to purchase the equipment?  What benefits can your club demonstrate will occur because of the new / improved equipment?  Is there a plan to maintain the equipment, so that your club will not be seeking funding for a similar purpose in the near future?

Below is a list of funding opportunities available to CAMS car clubs. If you would like more information on a particular grant or would like assistance with your club's application, please contact your local Sport & Club Development Officer.

Please be aware that CAMS does not guarantee the accuracy of the information below. You are advised to make your own enquiries regarding the eligibility requirements, deadlines, funding priorities & amounts for each relevant funding program listed prior to commencing the process of submitting an application in any funding program.  Please report any broken links to [email protected].



Funding Directory

Local Government






CAMS Policies relating to club events and operations

Club Come & Try Policy


Motor Sport Passenger Ride Activity


External Resources

Play By The Rules
Child Protection Obligations
Other Training Opportunities for Office Bearers & Volunteers