Report an Integrity Breach

Please provide details of activity at a CAMS permitted event which might constitute a breach of one or more of the following:

• CAMS Anti-Doping Policy;
• CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport (Safety Testing) Policy;
• CAMS National Policy on Competition-Fixing; and
• CAMS Breath Alcohol Testing Procedure.

Some examples of the type of information you could include are:

• Names and roles of any other people involved;
• CAMS licence number;
• The specific location where the alleged activity took place (e.g. “in the medical facility”);
• What drugs or substances were involved? (if applicable);
• Did you see the alleged activity yourself or did you hear it from another person?; and
• Did you raise this with anyone at the event?  If so, who?

If you would like CAMS to be able to contact you to discuss this information further, please click the button below to send a confidential email to our Integrity Department: