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FIA Action for Environment

FIA Environmental Sustainability Strategy 'FIA Action for Enviroment'

Our goal

Within the decade, motor sport will be recognised as an exemplar of best practice in environmental sustainability and a world leader for environmental innovation creating a positive impact on both the track and road.

Our strategy

‘Measure & Improve’ and ‘Innovate & Promote’

Measure & Improve

Motor sport must ensure that it understands, measures, and improves its environmental impact.

To assist in this process, the FIA will promote best practice and provide tools such as the FIA Institute’s Environmental Certification Framework to assess, accredit, and award excellence in environmental management of its asns and other motor sport stakeholders.

The FIA will encourage its own championships to conduct Life Cycle Assessments to further help to understand and improve their management in order to minimise their impact.

Across both its own activities and those of asns and other stakeholders, the FIA will aim at identifying the environmental hotspots to focus attention on key environmental priorities.

The FIA will encourage the implementation of dedicated Action Plans aiming at driving progress amongst motor sport stakeholders on identified key priorities.

Innovate & Promote

Motor sport plays a crucial role in pioneering the innovation of new technology and promoting consumer acceptance and awareness.

To reinforce such a role, the FIA will further promote the introduction of appropriate regulations for sustainable new technologies through its championships such as FIA Formula E, aimed at developing competitive powertrain solutions and driving consumer acceptance of sustainable mobility.

The FIA will encourage technology transfer to the consumer market.

The FIA will award excellence and innovation to encourage and incite environmental development.

The FIA will support its asn network and other motor sport stakeholders to conduct environ- mental promotional activities through the development of an international awareness campaign under the ‘FIA Action for Environment’ brand umbrella.

The FIA aims at implementing environmental sustainability as a key component of its governance, and at regularly reporting on progress in the implementation of its “FIA Action for Environment” programme. 

For more information, view the FIA's Action for Environment video: