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Board Committees

In keeping with good governance, the Board has established a number of Committees, which are also attended by members of the CAMS Board. These Committees differ from the CEO created Committees that provide advisory assistance to the CEO on sporting matters.

The oversight function of corporate governance is performed by the CAMS Board and its designated committees. Board committee formations and assignments depend on the requirements of CAMS, its Board, and assumed responsibilities.

Committee members address relevant issues and make recommendations to the entire Board for final approval. Board committees normally function independently from each other and are provided with sufficient authority, resources, and assigned responsibilities in assisting the entire Board.

Currently, CAMS has four Board Committees: Finance and Audit, Risk, Standing Nominations and Honours & Awards.


Risk Committee

In late 2016, the CAMS Board established a Risk Committee. The creation of the Committee is in keeping with good governance and a reflection of the commitment by CAMS to be the only non for profit government recognised sanctioning body committed to risk management and safety.

This new Risk Committee, chaired by Alan Evans, is made up of one current Board member and three independent Committee members who are highly skilled in risk management. This is a first for Australian motor sport and the CVs of the two independent Committee members confirm how fortunate CAMS is to have two outstanding leaders in their field assist with our sport.

The members of the Committee are:

  • Alan Evans (Chair)
  • Terry Atkinson
  • Melanie Gordon - BE (Mech), MBA (Proj Mgmt), MScTech (Safety), MAICD
  • Merrilyn Tinsley - MSc (OHS), BSc, GCert Industrial Hygiene

Alan Evans
2016 - present
Risk Committee Chair

Alan was appointed as one of the non-elected Directors of CAMS in 2009 and was successfully re-appointed in 2012 and 2014, before retiring from the board at the conclusion of 2017.

Alan is a past President of NRMA Motoring and Services and the Australian Automobile Association and also served as the Australia Mobility Club delegate to the FIA.

He is the Managing Director of Dyno Dynamics (Aust) Pty Ltd and Strategic Consulting Services Pty Ltd. He is a member of the Performance Racing and Tuning Council of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association.

Alan is also a Director of Eco-Motive, an Australian company developing alternative fuel technologies for motorists and Rally & Race Tech Pty Ltd. He has also held senior executive positions in both the public and private sectors, including CEO of Medicines Australia, Head of the Commonwealth Office of Regional Development, Executive General Manager of AusIndustry and Principal Adviser to the Federal Treasurer.

Alan has qualifications in engineering, law and economics and is currently an active participant in circuit racing and tarmac rallies.

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Terry Atkinson
2016 - present
Risk Committee Member

Please to refer to the Board page for a full bio.

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Melanie Gordon BE (Mech), MBA (Proj Mgmt), MScTech (Safety), MAICD
2016 - present
Risk Committee Member

Melanie Gordon attained her Mechanical Engineering qualification while studying at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. She returned to complete her Masters in Business Administration with a major in Project Management at the University of Southern Queensland and a Masters of Science and Technology with a specialisation in Industrial Safety at the University of New South Wales. 

Melanie has had a very successful career in the resources and mining sector with more than 15 years’ experience working in open-cut mines, underground mines, processing plants and water infrastructure. She has led teams of up to 170 people in the fields of maintenance, projects, engineering, operations, safety management and business improvement. Melanie is also an experienced Board Member with current and previous roles on Boards, Advisory Boards and Committees in various industries. 

Melanie has a passion for improving safety with a specific interest in the workplace and at home, specifically in vehicle and road safety. She developed this passion while working as the Senior Safety Manager for BHP Billiton’s head office in Melbourne. In 2012 she introduced new safety policies to improve the safety standards of vehicles which benefited 100,000 employees and contractors for the company globally.

Melanie and her family have a keen interest in the exciting world of motor sports. She is thrilled to join the team at CAMS and as a committed member of the CAMS Risk Committee aims to embed a best-in-class Risk Management system which can be shared with our sister motor sport organisations around the world.

Melanie lives in Brisbane with her husband Mac, son Jack, and newborn daughter Emma.

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Merrilyn Tinsley MSc (OHS), BSc, GCert Industrial Hygiene
2016 - present
Risk Committee Member

Merrilyn Tinsley is currently the Head of Safety Health and Environment at BAE Systems Australia. Merrilyn has been in this role for more than two years and has been with BAE Systems for six years, starting with the Aerospace Sector in 2010.

Merrilyn has a Science Degree and a Masters of Occupational Health and Safety along with a Graduate Certificate in Industrial Hygiene.

Prior to BAE Systems, Merrilyn worked for Global Mining Organisations BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto in senior Safety Leadership roles across rural and remote parts of Australia.

Merrilyn is passionate about ensuring leadership understands the need to get the balance right between reducing personal injuries and making sure critical risks are properly understood, owned and controlled. Merrilyn has recently introduced a Safety Psychology program into the Australian business, which is designed to allow participants to take control and responsibility for their safety decisions so they can continue to do the things they enjoy outside of work.

Merrilyn’s hobbies are travelling, snow skiing, scuba diving, watching Australian Rules Football and Rugby Union.

Merrilyn is married with two teenage children and lives in Adelaide, South Australia.

Merrilyn Tinsley


Finance and Audit Committee
The Finance and Audit Committee is a Committee established by the CAMS Board to provide additional assurance regarding the quality and reliability of financial information, compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and internal controls within CAMS. The delegation of any responsibilities by the Board to the Committee does not absolve the individual Board Directors of their Director responsibilities by law and the constitution.

The Committee is established by a Board Resolution and has the power to obtain information from Management and to consult directly with the auditors of the Company.

The Finance and Audit Committee is chaired by Tony South and consists of the CAMS President and an independent Committee member who is highly skilled in finance and audit matters.

The members of the Finance and Audit Committee are:

  • Anthony South (Chair) - FCA, MAICD
  • Andrew Papadopoulos - BA (Econ), Dip Marketing, Dip Business Studies, MAICD
  • Geoff Smith

Anthony South FCA, MAICD
2016 - present
Finance and Audit Committee Chair

Please to refer to the Board page for a full bio.

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Andrew Papadopoulos BA (Econ), Dip Marketing, Dip Business Studies, MAICD
2016 - present
Finance and Audit Committee Member

Please to refer to the Board page for a full bio.

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Geoff Smith
2016 - present
Finance and Audit Committee Member

Geoff Smith is the Chief Financial Officer of Virgin Australia Ltd., a position he has held since September, 2015. Mr Smith brings extensive experience to the role, including over 20 years in commercial finance both within Australia and internationally. Prior to his role as Chief Financial Officer, Mr Smith was Executive General Manager Group Finance for the Virgin Australia Group for almost two years, sitting on the Group’s Executive Committee. Mr Smith has worked in a number of senior finance and strategy roles for the Virgin Australia Group since 2010 and between 2002 and 2009.

Mr Smith also served as Chief Financial Officer to mining services company Swift Group between 2009 and 2010 and spent seven years with KPMG, during which time he worked on a number of transactions for the Virgin Australia Group including the Initial Public Offering of Virgin Blue.

Mr Smith holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland and is a Chartered Accountant.



Honours & Awards Committee

The CAMS honours and awards system recognises the actions and achievements of people who go above and beyond what could reasonably be expected, and in doing so, encourages aspirations and ideals of the highest standard and values within our sport.  The role and responsibilities of the CAMS Honours & Awards Committee, as determined by the Board of CAMS, is to:

  • Manage, enhance and promote the CAMS honours and awards system;
  • Investigate new awards and ensure the honours and awards system is operating effectively and efficiently;
  • Make recommendations to the Board of CAMS for:
  • CAMS honour and award nominations;
  • Australian Honours Nominations;
  • FIA ‘Outstanding Official of the Year’ Award; 
  • Approve ‘State Official of the Year’ and ‘Service Awards’, as delegated by the Board of CAMS;
  • Oversee the operations of the Peter Brock Medal Selection Committee, the CAMS Young Driver of the Year Award Selection Committee and the Media Awards Selection Committee;
  • Coordinate the work of the Hall of Fame Committee and Voting Panel.
  • Advise the Board of CAMS on honours and awards matters generally.  

The Committee is chaired by Garry Connelly and consists of three other members who have an extensive knowledge of the history and achievements of individuals within motor sport.

The members of the Honours & Awards Committee are:

  • Garry Connelly AM (Chair) - Bachelor of Arts, Dip Ed, Dip AII
  • Colin Bond
  • John Keeffe OAM
  • Bruce Keys 

Garry Connelly AM Bachelor of Arts, Dip Ed, Dip AII

Honours & Awards Committee Chair 

Please to refer to the Board page for a full bio.


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Colin Bond

Honours & Awards Committee Member

Colin John Bond is a retired Australian racing driver, who reached the highest levels in Australian motorsport in 1969 when he was recruited by Harry Firth to the newly formed Holden Dealer Team.

He quickly found success, winning the 1969 Hardie-Ferodo 500 mile race (now the Bathurst 1000) in a Holden Monaro.

Colin was a particularly versatile driver, also finding success in the Australian Rally Championship, winning the title in 1971, 1972 and 1974. He also won the 1975 Australian Touring Car Championship in a Torana SLR 5000 L34.

For Bathurst 1977, Colin teamed up with Alan Moffat in the Ford works teams Falcons. Due to team orders Colin was asked to slow and let Alan Moffat take the win in a Falcon 1-2 finish. From 1977 to 1980 Colin ran the Ford works rally team, with Greg Carr and Bond driving the very competitive BDA Escort.

In the 1980s, Colin drove a great variety of machinery during this period including the Ford Capri, Chevrolet Camaro, Triumph TR8, Alfa Romeo GTV, Alfa Romeo 75, Ford Sierra RS500, Toyota Corolla, and Porsche (including a Porsche 944 Turbo for Allan Hamilton's team in the Australian GT Championship).

Colin retired as a driver in 1994, but continued to contribute to the sport as a driving standards observer for V8 Supercars until he was replaced by Tomas Mezera after the 2006 season.

Colin is one of Australia’s most versatile and talented drivers. No other driver has won the Australian Rally Championship, Bathurst and the Australian Touring Car Championship.

Colin was inducted into the Australian Motor Sport Hall of Fame in 2016.

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John Keeffe OAM

Honours & Awards Committee Member

A lifelong interest in motor sport led to John seeing his first international event at Albert Park in 1956, and was confirmed when he competed in his first event and joined the Hills District Car Club in 1957.

Until 1969, he competed in all forms of the sport, but primarily in rallying, in which he enjoyed dealer and factory rides with Volvo, VW and BMC. He was also active in administration both at club and state level.

Employment until 1969 included the fields of law, electronic data processing, and a brief stint in the motor industry.

1969 saw him commence working for CAMS as NSW State Secretary/Manager. In 1971, he was moved to Melbourne to take up the role of National Operations Manager, which role continued until the retirement in 1973 of Donald Thomson, after which he was promoted to Secretary General (shortly renamed Chief Executive Officer)

During this period, the sport went through substantial change at local, national and international level. CAMS became more involved in international matters, and John was appointed to several FIA/FISA commissions, the most interesting of which he found to be the Circuits and Safety Commission, for which he was the inspector for Asia/Pacific circuits.

He was Chairman of the organising committee for the Australian Formula 1 GP from 1985 until 1993, and served on several state and federal government sports bodies.

Since vacating the role, John remained active in the sport. He was for 3 years Australia’s deputy delegate to the International Court of Appeal, and has assisted CAMS in enquiries into serious accidents. He is currently the Secretary of the Australian Motor Sport Appeal Court.

Away from motor sport, John is involved in Rotary (since 1995) and local matters in his adopted home town of Seymour. He was Chairman of Seymour District hospital Board for 3 years, and Board member for 9. He is currently a Director of Goulburn River Valley Tourism, and is immediate past President of Seymour Business and Tourism.

John was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2014.


Bruce Keys

Honours & Awards Committee Member

More information to come...

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Standing Nominations Committee

In 2015, the CAMS Board established a Standing Nominations Committee to ensure that the CAMS Board and Subsidiary Boards (the Boards) comprise individuals best able to discharge the responsibilities of the CAMS Directors and the Subsidiary Directors having regard to the law, preferred skill set and aspiring to excellence in governance standards.

The role of the Committee is to review the composition of the Boards, and where it appears that a Board is lacking in skills or experience in a certain area, to identify how best to rectify the situation. This may involve identifying skills that are required, and those individuals best suited to bring these to a board. The Committee is empowered to consider the size and balance of each board, and to make recommendations where, in the opinion of its members, improvements could be made. It remains the responsibility of the full board of CAMS to consider the recommendations made and to vote on any nominated appointments or, as the case may be, suggested removals.

The Committee is chaired by Tony South and is comprised of the President of CAMS, two CAMS Directors and an individual who is not a Director of CAMS.

The members of the Standing Nominations Committee are:

  • Tony South (Chair) - FCA, MAICD
  • Garry Connelly AM - Bachelor of Arts, Dip Ed, Dip AII
  • Graeme Emerton
  • Andrew Papadopoulos - BA (Econ), Dip Marketing, Dip Business Studies, MAICD

Anthony South FCA, MAICD
2016 - present
Standing Nominations Committee Chair

Please to refer to the Board page for a full bio.

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Garry Connelly AM Bachelor of Arts, Dip Ed, Dip AII
2016 - present
Standing Nominations Committee Member

Please to refer to the Board page for a full bio.

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Graeme Emerton
2016 - present
Standing Nominations Committee Member

Please to refer to the Board page for a full bio.


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Andrew Papadopoulos BA (Econ), Dip Marketing, Dip Business Studies, MAICD
2016 - present
Standing Nominations Committee Member

Please to refer to the Board page for a full bio.

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