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Dare To Be Different (D2BD)

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We aim to inspire the next generation to smash preconceptions and prejudices, raising the curtain on a new era in which daring to do something different is praised and encouraged.

We aim to connect girls and young women who have ‘dared to be different’ and are willing to spark change.

We aim to showcase those who have dared to be different and are role models of change



CAMS has joined forces with Susie Wolff and the Dare To Be Different team to launch the program in Australia. 

The initiative will help young girls from around Australia to understand the opportunities that await them in the motor sport industry, whether it is as a driver, engineer, mechanic or one of the many other roles in a growing industry. 

Former Formula 1 development driver Susie Wolff formed Dare To Be Different in 2016 alongside Rob Jones, CEO of the UK's Motor Sport Association. 

The not-for-profit organisation aims to inspire and celebrate women in every aspect of motorsport. 

Dare To Be Different also hopes to change the preconceptions of a male-dominated sport by increasing participation of women to spark change.





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For more information, email [email protected] or phone the CAMS hotline on 1300 883 959.



Susie Wolff
“When I decided to hang up my helmet I also decided I wanted to give something back. I called Rob Jones at the MSA who immediately had the same enthusiasm and passion.”

Wolff began her racing career in 2002, competing for Team DFR in the Roumara Renault UK Series.

Two years later, the British driver placed in fifth position overall finishing on the podium three times.

In 2014, Wolff was the first woman to take part in a Formula One race weekend in 22 years, debuting in the British Grand Prix practice runs.

In 2016, she retired from motor sport with the mission of increasing women’s involvement in the sport.


Rob Jones

“The great thing about motor sport is that it offers everyone the chance to compete together on a level playing field, regardless of their age or gender.”

Since 1984, Jones has held a competition license, competing in rally as both a driver and co-driver as well as in circuit racer.

Formally, a solicitor in Cardiff and West Wales, Jones joined the Motor Sports Association in 2006 where he was appointed CEO in 2014. 

Jones has also held a high position at the FIA, chairing the Ethics Committee in 2014.


For the official Dare To Be Different website, click here.