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Licence Types

Entry Level Licences

Introductory Licence (formerly Level 1)

Introductory Licences are available for use at a CAMS Come & Try Day, giving people the chance to get their first taste for motor sport in a safe and controlled environment.

The licence can only be issued once and competitors are encouraged to upgrade their Introductory Licence to a full competition licence at a specially reduced price.

Please note that these licences are only issued by the CAMS to event organisers for CAMS-permitted events. Event organisers can order Introductory Licences by contacting the CAMS Permits Team on 1300 883 959 or [email protected].

Speed and Non Speed (Formerly L2S and L2NS)

Speed and Non Speed are the basic club level motor sport licences. As their names suggest, the licences vary based on the nature of the event.

A Non Speed licence entitles the competitor to compete in events such as observed section trials, touring assemblies, non-timed road events, motorkhanas and khanacross, up to an International level.

A full Speed licence entitles the holder to compete in L2NS events plus regularity trials up to National Championship level, single and multi-car speed events (not racing) up to International level, drifting events and touring road events that do not run over closed road sections.

These are the most popular licences among the CAMS member base and are used widely at grassroots club events.


Clubman and National Licences

Clubman and National Licences are used in competitive motor sport events and are designed for use at more serious state and national meetings.

A Clubman licence allows competitors to participate in events up to and including state series level racing, while a National level licence grants participation up to and including National Series events.

CAMS offers a variety of discipline specific licences that can be used at a state or national level.

The key disciplines are:

  • Race
  • Rally
  • Off Road
  • Super Kart
  • Historic

Each licence type has its own unique training and medical requirements as detailed on the specified Clubman/National Licence Application Form. Holding a licence at clubman or national level in one discipline does not entitle to you compete in another discipline.


International Level Licences

An International Licence allows participation in events on the FIA International Sporting Calendar. In accordance with FIA Regulations, these licences expire on the 31st of December every year.

International Licences are essentially an extension of those offered at the Clubman/National level, yet there are additional medical and maintenance requirements involved in obtaining and retaining the licence. (Refer Appendix A, CAMS General Regulations).


Competitor (Entrant) Licences

Competitor licences are for competition vehicle owners who are not the holders of a driver/navigator licence.

Competitor licences may be issued to:

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Groups
  • Teams

The name on the CAMS Competitor Licence must correspond to the name in the log book of the relevant vehicle. Applications for Competitor Licences must where relevant submit evidence of incorporation and provide an ACN/ABN or registration of business name at the time of application.


For a list of CAMS Licence Forms, CLICK HERE

You can refer to Appendix A of the CAMS General Regulations for all licencing requirements. To access the online version CLICK HERE