Braking The Cycle

Friday 06 September, 2019
The Central Queensland Motor Sporting Club has been recognised for their contribution to the recent Queensland Road Safety Week.
The car club attended the recent PCYC (Police and Community Youth Clubs) and its ‘Braking The Cycle’ initiative for the week.
Club Secretary Annette Benson said the event was a good opportunity to showcase the club, but also engage with potential new and junior members.
“As well as being terrific publicity for our club, it gave the club an opportunity to liaise with our motoring club in the area,” Benson said.
“The focus was obviously on road safety and the PCYC Braking The Cycle program.”
The Braking the Cycle initiative is a volunteer driver mentor program designed to support learner drivers without access to a supervisor or registered vehicle to complete their mandatory logbook hours.
“The main goal of the display was to promote grassroots events such as motorkhanas and khanacross to younger drivers and to demonstrate that the club offers a safe and controlled environment to learn further driving skills,” Benson said.
“It was a great opportunity for the club to be in involved in this very important community event and to help the PCYC who run a fantastic learn to drive program.”
Participants are matched with a specific volunteer from our extensive and experienced driver mentor network. Mentors provide encouragement and help young people improve their self-esteem and develop positive road safety attitudes.