Apply for 2020 Club Affiliation

Wednesday 06 November, 2019

Get on the front foot before the summer break and lock away your club’s affiliation with Motorsport Australia for the new 2020 season.

There are a number of benefits to lodge your affiliation in before the new year.

  • No interruption in your club’s insurance coverage;
  • Your members’ CAMS/Motorsport Australia Competition Licences remain valid over the holiday season;
  • 2020 Motorsport Australia permit applications may be held up while your club completes the affiliation process. This is especially important for those clubs proposing to stage events early in the new year;
  • Committee members can be pretty hard to contact over the holiday season. This can be particularly difficult if a cheque is required to be issued or countersigned.

Competition licence holders require to be an active member of a Motorsport Australia affiliated sporting car club. If your club’s affiliation is not active, this could pose issues for those licence holders planning to compete in multi-club events prior to your club reaffiliating.

Affiliating Online & via Post

Existing affiliating clubs can renew online at**
**Please be mindful that this option is not suitable for clubs planning to pay its 2020 affiliation fee by cheque & that there is a transaction fee associated with this option.

Pre-filled affiliation paperwork has already been distributed to clubs affiliated with CAMS in 2019. If your club has not received one yet, and if you do not wish to affiliate using the online form, please contact your local CAMS State Office.

Otherwise, existing or new clubs can download a blank 2020 Sporting or 2020 Enthusiast affiliation form.

For more information concerning the insurance coverage offered through affiliation with CAMS, please see the following links:


As the CAMS/Motorsport Australia affiliation period aligns with the calendar year, the 2019 affiliation period lapses at 11:59pm AEDT on Tuesday 31 December, 2019.

Please be mindful that CAMS/Motorsport Australia will close for 2019 on Thursday 19 December, 2019 and reopen on Monday 6 January, 2020. There will be no processing of affiliation paperwork during this period.

Should you have any questions about reaffiliating or becoming a new club, please get in contact with your local state office.

Motorsport Australia

It is important to note for our current clubs that Motorsport Australia will be CAMS’ new trading name as of 1 January, 2020. Motorsport Australia’s legal entity remains ‘Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd’.

For more information on the Motorsport Australia rollout, please see this page or get in contact with your local CAMS State Office.