Golden jubilee for Christian Autosports Club

Thursday 07 November, 2019
50 years is a long time. Congratulations to the Christian Autosports Club of Australia.
When a CAMS affiliated car club reaches a major milestone of its formation, there is always cause to celebrate and it’s no different for the Christian Autosports Club of Australia who celebrate 50 years next month with a special presentation dinner.
The club started for the plain and simple reason of car enthusiasts wanting to organise motor sport events on a Saturday, due to church commitments on a Sunday.
So in 1969, a number of people who shared common interests through religion and cars created the club - a club which would go on to have a significant impact on motor sport as a whole in Australia.
From state hill climbs, local and international rallies, club level khanacross and motorkhanas, and HQ track series, the club has had its hands in many pies, all with the goal of racing and maintaining their faith.
As the years have gone by, the club’s membership base has continued to grow. This is partly due to the club being one of the foundation clubs to help CAMS organise the popular Come and Try Day motorkhana format, which in turn has given so many licence holders a foot in the motor sport door.

The club today is focused on developing junior drivers, a demographic who now represent a quarter of the club’s total membership base.

Ahead of the 50th anniversary celebration, event coordinator and club member Brian Madigan was proud to be a part of a club with a rich history.
“It’s a great club because of the people in it and the great atmosphere it provides,” Madigan said.
“In a nutshell it’s all about the people. Motor sport is good fun but it’s the people that you do it with that make it special.
"We are a family oriented club working on developing juniors, which is what we have always been focused on and that is why I think we have been around for so long.
"Clubs either evolve or shut down, so evolving is what we have done over time. We had a lot to do with the Come and Try concept back in the day, which is something we have developed over the years and something we are very proud of.
“As a collective, we are really looking forward to December’s presentation dinner as it’s a chance to celebrate something special and often, any time there is an achievement – it’s a cause to celebrate.”
Taking place at Sydney Motorsport Park on 7 December 2019, any enquiries regarding the club or event can be made to Madigan on 0400 736 637.