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SRMay 17

You recently competed at the CAMS Club Challenge event in Queensland, what was your team’s name?
Our team name was the Queensland Racing Drivers Association.

Who made up your team on the day?
Chris Donnelly (Club President) and Mark Pryor (Committee Member).

What car did your club run at the event?
We ran a Hyundai Excel. We are great friends with the Series X3 Qld Inc. and quite a few of our members are members of both clubs.

What got your club involved in the CAMS Club Challenge?
We want to support CAMS and the other clubs that support us in events we run in. We are also keen to compete against our fellow clubs in a friendly—yet competitive—environment.

How long has the Queensland Racing Drivers Association been established for?
Our club was established in 1971, and apart from hosting race meetings and social gatherings, we also conduct our own club championships for all CAMS state level categories. 

All our champions are honoured at our Christmas party and trophy presentation evening, held at the Kedron Wavell Services Club in late December each year. Apart from club championships for all categories, we also have a selection of other awards including overall Club Champion, Rookie of the Year, President’s Trophy and the Families in Motor Sport Trophy.

We also take great pride in our annual Christmas Party Raffle, which (in 2016) raised over $6,200 for our nominated Charity, the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

What is the CAMS Club Challenge?
CAMS Club Challenge is a one-day hill climb event, open to all CAMS Affiliated Sporting Car Clubs. Racing against class records, results are determined by your best time, divided by the record and then multiplied by 100 to give the percentages. The percentages for each team member are then added together and divided by the number of participants per team, to determine the outright percentage.

The team with the lowest percentage at the end of the event is then crowned the Club Challenge winner.


Originally published in Speed Read - April 2017
7 January 2018