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Call for CAMS Commission Members

*Note - Nominations for CAMS Commission Members closes at 5pm AEST on Friday, 28 September 2018

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd. (CAMS) is now calling for candidates to nominate for positions on CAMS Commissions for a three year period from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2021.

CAMS Commissions are a critical part of the CAMS system and have provided their service to the CAMS Board for many years.  Serving on a CAMS Commission provides successful Commissioners with the opportunity to change our sport for the better. This requires strategic thinking above good motor sport knowledge.

The CAMS Board has also approved the creation of the Commission for Women in Motor Sport. This is a new Commission which will focus on women’s participation and development in motor sport. Women are encouraged to apply for this and all other Commissions. Men are also encouraged to apply for the Women’s Commission.

A current sitting member on a CAMS Commission seeking reappointment must complete a CAMS Commission Member Nomination form, but does not require nomination. Any other candidate must, in addition to filling out this form, obtain the nomination of a current CAMS member, State Council or a CAMS Board Director.

As Commissioners are delegates of the Board of CAMS, they must meet the equivalent requirements of a Director under the Corporations Act 2001 and acknowledge that they would not be disqualified from acting as such pursuant to sections 206A and B.

The following sitting Commissioners' terms will end on 31 December, 2018 (unless indicated otherwise).  Each Commission will have three (3) positions available for nomination (other than the new Women’s Commission).


Australian Officials Commission

-        Elaine Nikiforoff
-        Noel Tippett
-        Bob Piper (Retiring)
-        Murray Slana (Retiring)

Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission

-        Christopher Bowden
-        John Bryant
-        Bob Harborow

Australian Women in Motor Sport Commission

-        9 Vacant Positions

Australian Motor Sport Development Commission

-        Adrian Flynn
-        Karyn Hamer
-        Vacant
-        Vacant (term to the 31 December, 2020)

Australian Motor Racing Commission

-        Tim Edwards (Strategy Working Group)
-        Craig Fletcher (Strategy Working Group)
-        Colin Smith (Regulations Working Group)

Australian Rally Commission

-        Molly Taylor
-        Jon Thomson
-        Glen Weston (Retiring)

Retiring prior to end of term:

-        Col Trinder (Retiring – term to the 31 December, 2020)  

Australian Off Road Commission

-        Marilyn Emmins
-        Don Young
-        Vacant

Retiring prior to end of term:

-        Jason Galea (Retiring – term to the 31 December, 2019)


The nomination period for CAMS Commission Members is now open.

The CAMS Commission Member Nomination form can be found by clicking HERE.  This form is to be used to nominate for the position of a member of a Commission of CAMS.

Standing Orders apply to all Commissions as appointed by the Board of CAMS. Standing Orders for all Commissions can be found by clicking HERE.

The Nomination forms can be downloaded from the CAMS website at and must be submitted by email to [email protected] or by post to the Chief Executive Officer, CAMS, 851 Dandenong Road, Malvern East, VIC 3145.


Published: 1 August, 2018