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CAMS Club Challenge: Team SUCC


CAMS caught up with the Swinburne University Car Club as they prepare for the Victorian CAMS Club Challenge in October.

What's your club's team name? 

Team SUCC.

How did your club begin?

We started the club back in the Spring of 2013. It started off purely as a social and online group for Swinburne students interested in cars.

Since then we have branched out into motor sport, pretty much running an event every month. We have around 200 members with heaps of different interests with the main two being sprint/time attack and drifting.

As a club there was a lot of buzz about a competitive inter club event - we have a lot of younger guys with a lot of talent so we think we can provide a fairly competitive team.

How do you think Team SUCC will go in the Victorian CAMS Club Challenge? 

We hope our club is able to provide a strong challenge to some of the more established clubs, it would be great for SUCC and for Australian motor sport to have one of the little guys up on top.

What would the Swinburne University Car Club do with the prize money?

As a newer club it's a massive struggle financially to get off the ground, Matt and I have worked hard to build the club up to this level - where we are able to consistently provide extremely high quality events at an affordable price. Winning some prize money would go a long way into securing some even better events in the future.

We have some awesome ideas but the main issue is finding funding to make them a reality.

Is your club interested in competing against Team SUCC? Enter your sporting car club in the upcoming Victorian CAMS Club Challenge on 15 October.

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Published: 12 September, 2017