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Officials profile: Jac Phillips

Jac Phillips

I currently work as a CAMS CATO (Alcohol Testing) but I have also worked in communications and pit lane.

I started officiating in 2012 with Phillip Island Auto Racing Club, volunteering at both car and bike events.

I enjoy officiating because I enjoy motor sports very much and it is more a passion than a hobby.

Officiating allows me to get close to the action and experience firsthand what it takes to make an event run smoothly and successfully.

Most of all it allows me to contribute in a way I would never be allowed to do if I was just a spectator.

My best officiating experience was pit lane at Bathurst for the first time in 2015, pictured above. I had the best time and also made new friends, both from interstate and overseas. Everything was just fun and an experience I’ll never forget… the buzz at this event is unreal!

The event I most look forward to is the Phillip Island Classic Festival of Motorsport. The cars that you see there are magic and it’s a good atmosphere and great racing.

I work as a customer service consultant, but my dream job is any job that allows me to travel around the world and also learn other languages, although I’m still waiting!


Published: 12 January, 2018