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Outcome for Rallycross EOI Explained

RALLY EOI ResultAfter careful consideration CAMS has decided against allocating category management for a National Australian Rallycross Championship after placing a call for expressions of interest in August.

CAMS received applications from three interested parties, however after consultation with the applicants determined the best course of action was to not allocate category management rights at this stage.

CAMS General Manager of Motor Sport, Mike Smith has explained that the infrastructure in Australia for this type of event isn’t yet sufficiently viable for a National series.

“We believe Rallycross has got a bright future here but as it stands at the moment, without particular buy-in from all stakeholders, and in particular the venues, it is not the right time to create a National championship,” Smith said.

“We also think that any National championship needs to be supported by strong and healthy club and state Rallycross activities.

“Where we have basically left it is we are going to continue support all those people currently trying to run rallycross activities and work with them to develop regulations, provide sanctions, insurance, and any sporting assistance they need,” Smith continued.

However, Smith explained CAMS is committed to working with all stakeholders, including venues, to encourage the growth of Rallycross.

“We are very keen to progress it as a discipline, but we just don’t think it’s the right time to create the National championship”