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Rivalry adds flare to motor sport weekend


The Toyota Car Club’s recent Terry Baker Motorsport weekend had a little extra spice added to it when RS Owners Club of Victoria decided to take part in the second annual event at Haunted Hills.

The weekend was initially created to encourage members to put their skills to the test in motorkhanas and hill climbs, but there was nothing friendly about this competition, which saw the birth of a new rivalry between the two clubs.


The action kicked off with a touring road event on Saturday to support the day’s main event in a motorkhana, and more than 40 competitors in a variety of Ford Escorts, Toyota Corollas and Celicas entered the motokhana with the main goal to win their class.

The RS Owners Club of Victoria co-director Nick Charrett was the outright winner, which also saw him claim the B class, with fellow club member Dale Carstein victorious in class D and second overall.


Sandy Bowman rounded out the top three as well as winning Class F, as the RS car club claimed the top three spots.

Despite taking the top three outright spots, the RS Club just fell short on the first day, with Team Toyota claiming the remaining four classes, led by Class A winner Mitch Hanger and Class C winner Cliff Newman, as the final score for the day sat at Team Toyota with 91 points and Team RS with 89.


The anticipation for the second day hill climb was well deserved, as beautiful weather and more competitors signed on to make it a brilliant day for all involved.

Team Toyota’s Fred Galli won both his class and outright and Jeff Salmon finished third outright and second behind Fred in Class F, while RS’s Simon Piper finished in between the two. Team Toyota extended their lead after winning 93 – 78.


More than 50 talented drivers across both clubs in the successful event, but it was a life-long Toyota Car Club member Newman who was the outright winner with two class wins, despite having equal points with Team RS’s Sandy Bowman.

Bowman was unfortunate to miss out finishing the weekend with a third place, a fourth place and the class win, while teammate Markas Johnson made up the podium. It was a tight battle across the whole weekend but the Toyota club came through with the overall win.


The event’s namesake Terry Baker overcame health issues from last year to get a class win in the hill climb, which made it a fitting day for all those who attended.


Published: 10 May, 2018