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CAMS is pleased to announce that Mr Graham Keith Hoinville has been honoured in the Queen’s Birthday Honours announced yesterday with an Order of Australia Medal (OAM). The Medal of the Order of Australia is awarded for service in a particular locality or field of activity or to a particular group, and in Graham’s case it is motor sport.

Few, if any, members of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport have contributed to the sport in so many ways and for such a long period, as Mr Graham Hoinville.

Graham’s credibility as a highly regarded competitor was matched by his value as a Technical Adviser. He was invited to head up the CAMS Technical Committee in 1954 and still serves as Chairman of that Committee. As a brilliant volunteer his duties with CAMS include Senior Steward and membership of the Australian Historic Motor Sport Commission. Until the end of 2007, Graham Hoinville was the CAMS representative to the FIA Historic Motor Sport Commission, the world body which oversees Historic racing at an international level. He was a highly respected and popular member of this key Commission for eight years.

Graham’s contributions to motor sport have been outstanding, both in terms of quality and quantity. His most recent award was made in 2008 by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) for his dedicated service to the international body – a rarely presented and highly prized award. He is also the recipient of the CAMS Award of Merit (the highest recognition that can be presented by the governing body of motor sport in Australia) and CAMS Service Award. He was awarded Clubman of the Year by the Elfin Owners & Drivers Club for his outstanding achievement in winning the 1991 Grand Prix Rally, and is a life member of the Victorian Historic Racing Register.

Graham has been involved with the administration of motor sport in Australia since the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport was established in 1953 and in a paid capacity since 1998. His contributions to this organisation have been invaluable, especially as a Technical Adviser. He has recently retired from this position, at the age of 81, and will always be remembered as a highly respected employee of CAMS.

Graham is a mechanical engineer by trade and was closely involved in the design and construction of metropolitan ambulances in Victoria from 1971 to 1985. Graham played a key role on the Committee set up to develop an improved ambulance system, a role that later progressed beyond state to federal level. He was elected Deputy Chairman of this Committee.

As a competitor he has participated in racing, sprints, motorkhanas and trials, both driving and navigating. He has competed in Africa, Europe and Asia as a representative of Australia. He was Australian Rally Champion in 1968 and to this day, Graham is still actively involved in the organising of rallies and construction of sports cars.

As a club member, he has served terms as Committee Member and Club President, CAMS Administrator, State Councillor, Deputy Delegate to the National Council and Member and Chairman of the National Technical Committee. Since 1970 he has represented motor sport on the Commonwealth Government’s Vehicles Advisory Committee.

Because of his many years of dedicated service to the motor sport community, Graham is widely regarded as a person whose opinions and advice are keenly sought, especially by today’s historic motor sporting community. His technical knowledge is second to none, and his patience and attention to detail are highly respected by everyone he deals with.

Apart from what he has achieved and what he has contributed to motor sport over almost 60 years, Graham is a man of integrity and high moral standards. His devotion to his family is exceptional, and his influence has led other family members into the sport with the same level of enthusiasm. His knowledge, quiet manner and patience are qualities that endear him to not only his fellow staff members at CAMS but to the broader motor racing community.

Graham Hoinville is a living treasure – a senior citizen of motor sport.

Positions held / Activities Undertaken
CAMS Award of Merit (highest recognition that can be bestowed by CAMS 1971
Award for outstanding and dedicated service from the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) 2008
Patron of Rob Roy Hillclimb 2008
Life membership of the Victorian Historic Racing Register 2006
CAMS Service Award 1965
CAMS representative on FIA Historic Motor Sport Commission 2000 - 2007
Member of Australian Historic Commission 2002 - 2007
Chairman of CAMS Technical Committee 1965 - 1969
  1981 - present
Member of CAMS Technical Committee 1954 - present
Competitor and official in motor sport 1950 - present
Australian Rally Champion 1968
Technical administrator at Confederation of Australian Motor Sport 1998 - 2009


Andrew Papadopoulos
President, CAMS

“Graham Hoinville is a valued member ot the CAMS family. He has provided passionate and highly dedicated service to CAMS on many levels now for over 50 years. This well deserved and long overdue recognition is a fitting tribute to an outstanding Australian.”

John Hughes CBE
Chairman, FIA Historic Motor Sport Commission

“Graham has over many years made an invaluable contribution to historic motor sport. He brought enthusiasm, professionalism and a wealth of knowledge to the FIA’s activities and was instrumental in the development of Appendix K, the regulatory framework now used worldwide to offer competitors the chance to compete around the world with the confidence that they will find a consistent set of rules. Graham has always been an excellent ambassador for CAMS and Australian motor sport and has given of his time selflessly even when the long trips to Europe were hard to endure.”

Allan Moffat OBE

“Not many have devoted so many years working selflessly for CAMS, as Graham Hoinville. From the inception of CAMS in 1953, Graham has made himself available morning, noon and night to help with any task requiring his time, effort and expertise. A true CAMS hero.”