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Reeves Test Article 2As a reward for his stellar season in the 2012 World Rally Championship (WRC) Academy, Brendan Reeves was rewarded by M-Sport with a one hour test in a Ford Fiesta RS WRC in the UK.

After first being shown the tricks of the trade by FIA WRC regular, Matthew Wilson, Brendan then got behind the wheel himself. Tackling a 2km stage of broken asphalt and loose gravel, the experience served as a taster and made Brendan even more determined to secure a drive in a World Rally Car in the future.

“Today was amazing" Said Reeves.

"A big thanks to M-Sport for letting me drive the car [Ford Fiesta RS WRC] as I’ve always wanted the chance to get behind the wheel of a world championship car.

"I went to one of Ken Block’s tests this year and sat in with him, but to actually get behind the wheel, get a feel of the car and understand all the engineering that goes into it was amazing.

“It is such a simple car to drive, but I think to drive on the limit would be another experience. Having the test drive makes me want to compete with one even more. I would be in one now if I could, but I think there’s a lot of work before we can make that a reality just yet.

“We didn’t have the best end to the season, so to turn it around and come here with the chance to drive a car like this was just incredible. I really enjoyed the whole experience.”