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Saturday 28 January will be the second major CAMS NSW Come and Try Day hosted at Eastern Creek International Raceway.

The focus of this event is on attracting new people to motor sport by giving them the opportunity to sample a few of the categories in which they may compete. The event is an ideal opportunity for anyone with a passion for motor sport to get involved and find out exactly how to get started.

The CAMS NSW Come and Try Day is a great initiative aimed at promoting motor sport. The key disciplines on show will be Motorkhana and Supersprints, in which participants will be able to partake, and Motor Race, which will be a demonstration.

Additionally the event will include informational tours on the duties and responsibilities of various officials, including the fire and recovery marshals, administration, stewards, the event secretary and the clek of the course.

Participants will be organised into four seperate groups which will be staggered through the different activities. Each session will last approximately three and a half hours and will be available both in the morning and afternoon. A car is the only requirement for you to participate in the Come and Try Day. However if you already hold, or have held, a CAMS competitor or officials licence then you are not able to participate in this day.

The cost for participants is $30, which will include insurance for the day.

Bookings are required

For more information regarding the day please contact:

Daniel A. Milazzo

Sport and Club Development Officer NSW

Mobile: 0458979381

Email: [email protected]