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During 2010 and 2011, CAMS undertook a review and update of Schedule J – Safety Cage Structures regulations and as a result updated regulations came into effect 1 January 2012.

One of the changes contained within the updated regulations was the introduction of safety cage requirements for 1st Category vehicles competing in Speed events at Club and Multi Club level. This meant that 1st Category vehicles (such as Formula Libre) could no longer compete in Speed events at any level without having a complying safety cage.

It has come to CAMS' attention that some vehicles in the 1st Category under Formula Libre, especially vehicles originally constructed by university students to compete in the Society of Automotive Engineers (Formula SAE) yearly competition, have continued to compete in Speed events this year with non-compliant safety cages.

It is essential that event promoters ensure vehicles competing in their events undergo scrutiny and meet all the relevant requirements for their event, including safety cage requirements.

All competitors should be aware of the safety cage requirements and ensure their vehicle complies with these and all other CAMS regulations.