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Nearly 40 CAMS officials have travelled to Korea to take up key roles at the 2012 Formula 1™ Korean Grand Prix this weekend.

CAMS has provided training and support to the Formula 1™ Korean Grand Prix since 2010, designed to enable the Korean authorities to ultimately stage the Grand Prix without any external assistance.

This year’s delegation is the final stage of what has been a successful training collaboration between CAMS, the Korean Automobile Racing Association and the Korean Grand Prix Organisers.

The CAMS International Training Team will provide operational support to Korean officials both on and off track in the lead up to, and during the race weekend.

CAMS officials will undertake a supporting role to Korean Officials in race control and a number of trackside positions, working closely with the local officials to ensure the event runs smoothly.

V8 Supercar Championship Series Race Director and Australian Grand Prix Clerk of the Course Tim Schenken will be acting as Deputy Clerk of the Course, working with the Korean Clerk of the Course and the FIA Race Director throughout the event.

Outside race control, other CAMS officials will play a variety of roles closer to the action.

There will be an Australian official present at almost every marshal’s post around the Yeongam circuit. These officials are present largely to act as deputies, which will allow the Korean officials to take on leadership roles.

Positions such as Deputy Emergency Coordinator, Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Chief of Communications will be filled by members of the delegation.

CAMS Project Director Michael Smith will fulfil the role of Deputy Secretary of the Meeting at the event and says the team travelling to Korea will provide vital assistance to the organisers across a range of different positions.

“This is a delegation of highly trained and skilful CAMS Officials, who will provide vital operational support throughout the event, said Mr Smith.

“It is great to work with the Korean officials again, and complete the training we started before the first Formula 1™ Korean Grand Prix in 2010.

“This is the last phase of our training program in Korea and it will be great to end on a positive note, with our officials working together to deliver a successful event.

CAMS has recently commenced a similar training program with the Russian Automobile Federation in preparation for the 2014 Formula 1™ Russian Grand Prix.