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A number of new appointments have been made after last week’s Victorian State Council elections.

These appointments will play a key role in defining the shape of the 2013 Council.

Angus Black has retired as a Director after six years of top-level service, in which his national and international experience and wide knowledge of the sport have been a valuable resource to the Board. Angus will remain as Deputy State Council Chairman and Executive Member.

Norman Gowers has been elected to become a Director as of 1 January 2013. As an active competitor and event organiser, and having spent one year as State Council Chairman, Norman will bring a fresh perspective and sense of energy to the role.

Simon Millar has been elected to the role of State Council Chairman. Simon is a leading member of Rover Scouts Motorsport, which has become a very active CAMS Affiliated Car Club. Simon also currently serves as a member of the Sport & Club Development Commission.

Newly elected member, Michael Holloway has joined the Executive having spent a year attending the meetings as Chairman of the Stewards Panel.

Peter Rose and Michael Herlihy did not seek re-election after several years of service, during which time their skills were a great asset to the State Council. CAMS thank them for their contributions, and look forward to continuing to work with each of them.