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CAMS promotes inclusion with NSIA membership

CAMS is proud to announce a membership agreement with the National Sporting Inclusion Alliance (NSIA)

The NSIA was established by the Australian Sport and Recreation Association for Persons with Integration Difficulties (AUSRAPID) to provide a coordinated and cohesive platform to enable NSIA member organisations to increase capacity for inclusion in sport of people who have an intellectual disability.

NSIA uses the 7 pillars of Inclusion as a framework for developing an approach to inclusion. The 7 Pillars provides an excellent starting point for NSO’s to help identify their goals for inclusion of people with an intellectual disability in their sport.

Pillars of Inclusion

By signing the agreement CAMS has confirmed its commitment in working towards addressing the ‘Goals for Inclusion’.

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Goals for Inclusion 

  1. To better understand the values and principles of the NSIA
  2. Strategic plan to reflect inclusion of all individuals
  3. Increase the knowledge of the inclusion in sport
  4. Promote and increase diversity amongst members and CAMS membership
  5. To adapt or renew policy to reflect CAMS support of inclusion and diversity in motor sport

For more information on the NSIA and ‘Community inclusion through sport’ visit the NSIA website HERE